Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Iran - Oppression & Misinformation at its best

Now I really feel like getting down to business and expressing myself. This is a subject in which I have a huge interest. I do not have an Iranian background, but what is happening there is shocking to say the least.

How can the world sit back and allow the people of this country, so rich in history and civilization, to be oppressed in a way reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Shooting their own people. Imposing archaic laws on a young population, bursting at the seems to express themselves. Blatantly ignoring the will of its own population, then brutally suppressing all peaceful demonstrations on this. How can we solve this problem? What is the debate for the other side? I am open minded but have not found any legitimate evidence to support the outrageous claims of the establishment. If someone wants to sway me, please go ahead, I am listening.

I understand geopolitical and economic rationale, but it is time certain countries, those knowledgeable on this subject know who I am referring too, take a principled approach. I would be glad to elaborate or discuss details if anyone wants to further discuss.


Alison said...

When you have a country as corrupt as Iran, where do you even begin? It's not just the very top dogs anymore. It's disgraceful, I agree, but as to stopping it?

World Affairs Guy said...

Alison, thank you for your thoughts. My hope is the regime will crumble from inside. The extreme repression witnessed has alienated many in the establishment who do wield power. Also, there is evidence that the military has made it clear it will only tolerate so much violent repression of the population by the revolutionary guards and basij militia. Lets just hope the combination of these factors will lead to a tipping point where a positive regime change occurs.

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