Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stay tuned for a change of tone

I have been experiencing terrible computer problems with, of all companies, Norton! As a result, I will not be able to post a new country today. Please stay tuned as the next country I am going to visit will be a positive story. For those of you learning about the world through my blog, I want to ensure you know that all is not lost in the world. There are a significant number of countries that have chosen paths to democracy, peace and prosperity. I could list them off, but I prefer continuing my country by country tour so that you have my rationale for why each one has chosen the right path. If you have any questions or are interested in any countries I have yet to cover, please don't hesitate to contact me at or leave a comment.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend


Wessel said...

I appreciate your blog a lot! Since you're posting on a country basis, perhaps you can do an article about The Netherlands sometime soon? (as it's trying to cope with immigration, a completely split political opinion and a loss of its liberal mindset with Wilders at the moment).

Enjoy your weekend,


World Affairs Guy said...

Wessel, your comments and request are appreciated. I definitely have an opinion on the Van Gough murder and the Pim Fortuyn murder. I need to brush up on the current situation, and promise a post on the Netherlands in the near future.

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