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Top World Events of 2009 - My Pick

Here we are at the end of 2009.  This year had its share of events, elections, news stories and conflicts.  I have sifted through the year's events and selected four events that I believe had the most impact on the global stage.  Here they are, in chronological order:

Inauguration of Barack Obama - January 20, 2009
UPI POY 2009 - Inauguration

After 8 years of the Bush Administration, the pendulum has swung and America has chosen a leader on the other side of the political spectrum.  President Obama has promised a very different approach to foreign affairs and the US role in the world. I am going to stop here.  This is one area in which... I will NOT provide my view.  This is consistent with my goal to focus your attention on the World's issues as US partisan discussions have the potential to be all consuming.

Sri Lankan Government Defeat of the Tamil Tigers - May 16, 2009

This defeat represented the end of 23 years of civil war in Sri Lanka.  The Tigers, fighting for an independent Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka, employed many vicious terrorist tactics including civilian massacres, suicide bombings, recruiting child soldiers and political assassinations.  This group is widely considered the inventor of the suicide belt and the perfecter of suicide attacks.  Whatever legitimate reasons behind their cause, the Tamil Tigers' tactics discredited them and placed them on terrorist group lists of 32 countries.  Good riddance!  I hope that Sri Lanka moves forward in building a successful country and reaching out to the minority Tamil community to be a part of that vision.

Sri Lanka Slips Back Into Civil War

Iran Election - June 12, 2009

The robbery and blatant fraud committed by the clerical regime in Iran to keep the Ayotallah's puppy dog, Ahmadinejad, in power, set off a wave of protest that was viciously suppressed by the regime.  Opposition supporters were incarcerated, murdered, tortured and forced to make public confessions.  Thanks to mobile technology and social media, the regime could not hide this action behind its regular tactic of media bans.  The world finally saw first hand the brutality and evil of this regime.  Although brutal suppression ended the protests in June, the opposition came out again this December to mourn the death of a highly regarded opposition cleric, Ayatollah Montazeri.  The government attempted to brutally suppress these people during their mourning, enraging the population and causing daily demonstrations by brave Iranians willing to risk everything to live in freedom.  It appears the difference this time is Iranians are fighting back, continuing to demonstrate in the face of severe repercussion and effectively disarming the regime of its greatest weapon, intimidation.  The protests continue to this day.  Wouldn't it be a wonderful event to see the end of this regime in 2010?  Could you imagine, a major cut in funding for the vile terrorist organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah?  Eliminating the threat of these psychopaths possessing nuclear weapons?  We should all be hoping and doing everything we can to support these brave demonstrators.

UPI POY 2009 - News and Features

Protection of Honduras and its Constitution from Chavez - June 28, 2009

I have written about this in detail.  To avoid repetition, please refer to my following two posts for commentary on the removal of Zelaya and the recent Honduras election:

Honduras Holds Post Zelaya Presidential Vote
Honduran Election Result / Brazil Concerns

What makes Honduras significant is it represents one of the first countries to stop Chavez in his tracks.  There are other Latin American countries that reject Chavez's self centered and power hungry attempt to colonize the region with oil dollars that he expropriates from foreign entities.  What is unique about the Honduras situation is it was able to pull itself out of the jaws of Chavez.  Its President joined ALBA (See definition here: Glossary of Terms) and then tried to emulate his master in Caracas by suppressing opposition media and increasing presidential terms.  Fortunately for the region, Honduras' democratic "checks & balances":  namely its Supreme Court and Congress, were able to stop this veiled first step of creating a dictatorship.  For 2010, it would be nice to see Chavez' "Iron Curtain" rolled back.  A good start would be a strong opposition win in next September's Venezuelan parliamentary election.  Not sure if Hugo will let that happen, we will see.

Please let me know if there are any other events you believe deserve mentioning due to their significant impact on the world stage.  This is my final post for 2009.  I look forward to continuing to provide you with insightful and unique commentary on the world in the upcoming year.

I sincerely wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!  Enjoy your celebrations and be safe!

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