Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Venezuela By The Numbers

Venezuela is a country for which I have great pity.  Up until the early 90's it was a flourishing democracy.  Their leader, Hugo Chavez, since being elected in 1998 has decimated this nation by:

  • Almost bankrupting the country and most of its citizens
  • Assaulting Venezuela's democracy by enabling legislation to rule by decree and removing constitutional term limits designed to protect against tyrants like him
  • Interfering with and adversely affecting countries in the region by supporting leaders who are employing similar tactics to himself in destroying democracy - Ortega, Morales & Correa
  • Using oil revenues Venezuela desperately needs to support and maintain members' participation in his Alba alliance, a poorly disguised attempt at colonization of the region.
  • Forging alliances with other rogue & repressive regimes in the world such as the vicious Khomeini / Ahmadinejad regime in Iran.
  • Continuing an irrational and unsubstantiated assault on the free & democratic world by spreading overt hatred of Americans.  His lies go so far as blaming the US for causing the recent earthquake in Haiti in order to conquer that country.

I have had many requests for facts that demonstrate...
the damage Chavez has caused.  I recently read an excellent article which concisely laid out the carnage caused by this despot.  I have published the article below with the permission of its author, the Arcadia Foundation.  After reading this I hope you will all applaud & comprehend the recent brave action by Hondurans in protecting their country & its democracy.

The original link to this story is:  http://arcadiafoundation.org/latest-papers/latin-america-and-the-caribbean/venezuela-by-the-numbers/


Venezuela By The Numbers

Author: The Arcadia Foundation
Posted: January 29, 2010 06:09 AM
Chavez-1The Venezuelan government has taken control of more than 600 farms (2.5 million hectares, equivalent to about 6.2 million acres) during the regime of authoritarian President Hugo Chavez. They’ve spent more than USD 8 billion in weapons purchases. The so-called “strong bolivar” (BsF) has lost 55% of its purchasing power.
Such are intriguing facts about Venezuela that Mr. Chavez would rather you not know. Truly in an age where former allies like Honduras are showing individualism and even going so far as to express their adamancy for freedom by breaching the social and fiscal chains of ALBA. An age where the socializing of hotels, restaurants and banks is too erratic, too outrageous to censor is where articles like the following are eeking their way out from the region and exposing a crumbling cabinet.
  • Cumulative inflation under Chavez’s eleven years totals 733%.
  • The Basic Food Basket for the month of November was BsF 1,921.41 (CENDAS)
  • GDP declined by 2.9% for the year 2009.
  • The government has a communications media “empire” consisting of 731 media outlets. Police and protesters recently clashed in several Venezuelan cities after 6 cable television channels were taken off the air on January 24. Two students were killed and several police officers injured amid scuffles between pro- and anti-government groups.
  • In 1998 there were 4,500 homicides and this figure has climbed to 19,400 persons for 2009.
  • There are 9 million Venezuelans living in poverty and, under the Venezuelan revolution, 3 million of these go to bed on an empty stomach.
  • There are 150,000 teachers working for the Ministry of Education as independent contractors without contractual benefits.
  • Four thousand Venezuelan physicians have moved abroad.
  • Eighty percent of Venezuela’s petroleum exports go to the US.
  • During 2008 the government built only 23,223 dwellings.
  • In Venezuela 300 animal species are under threat of extinction.
  • For every USD 100 that enters the country, petroleum exports account for USD 94.
  • During three of his eleven years in power, Ch├ívez has been able to rule by decree [under enabling legislation passed by the National Assembly].
  • Enabling legislation has allowed the president to issue 169 executive orders by rule of decree.
  • On weekends the wave of violence results in approximately 300 violent deaths throughout the country.
  • The CTV labor federation reports that within the public administration sector there are more than 200 collective contracts that are expired.
  • Annual exports by the private sector total only USD 3 billion.
  • During the first half of the year 2009, the national government built 12,500 housing units, yet there are 400,000 couples getting married each year in the country.
  • There are one million persons infected with Chagas disease.
  • During 2008, steelmaker SIDOR incurred a net loss of USD 54 million.
  • The spending spree for gifts to other countries now exceeds USD 60 billion.
  • During 2008, there were 5,000 express kidnappings throughout the country..
  • Of all crimes committed in the country, 97% go unpunished.
  • There have been more than 46 unsustantiated reports concerning plans to assassinate the president.
  • Just on of the president’s visible watches is worth more than BsF 263,000.
  • In 2002, PDVSA had 45,000 employees, and now it has 100,000, half of whom do not do any work.
  • The government has spent nearly USD 12 billion in converting private corporations into state enterprises.
  • In Venezuela, 70% of young people do not graduate from secondary school.
  • Fifty-one percent of the citizenry declare themselves to be politically independent.
  • At 25.1%, Venezuela ranks first in inflation for Latin America (2009).
  • Venezuelans consume 280,000 barrels of gasoline daily.
  • Venezuela used to import 1% of the beef it consumed, and now it imports 59% of the 3,000 head of cattle that are consumed every day.
  • According to OPEC records, Venezuela’s crude oil production amounts to only 2,207,000 barrels per day.
  • During Chavez’s term of office, 9,000 scientists have left the country.
  • During 2009, Venezuela imported 500,000 tons of sugar from Brazil.
  • Electricity blackouts are keeping 60% of the national territory in the dark.
  • The housing shortage is reflected in the shortfall of 2.5 million units.
  • The national budget for the year 2010 will be BsF 159.5 billion.
  • The government has spent USD 1 trillion during its eleven years.
  • There are 2,200 members of the military holding jobs in the public administration.
  • The national government sells gasoline at USD 7.00 per barrel and its cost of production is USD 25.00 per barrel.
  • There are a total of 15 million guns in the hands of individuals, and no gun control policy.
  • The country’s jails have 32,500 prisoners, and only 12,000 beds.
  • There are 4 million children not covered by the school system.
  • The private sector provides 98% of financing for the agricultural sector, while the public sector provides only 2%.


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